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Following is a list of tools that some witchs use during spellwork or ritual works.  It is most important to know that these items are purely symbolic as all you really need is yourself, to do any kind of spellwork.
We use the tools to invoke and banish energies. 
ALTAR:  An altar may be a table, large stone out of doors, top of a dresser, etc.  Any flat surface will do.
ATHAME:  The athame', pronounced ah-tha-may by most, athammy, rhyming with whammy, is a double-edged knife, to direct energy, usually when casting a circle.  This knife is never used to cut anything. 
BELL:  Sometimes used during rituals to end or begin certain aspects.
BOLINE:  Often a white handled knife that is used for cutting herbs, cords and carving symbols in candles and wood.  Usually is crescent-shaped.
BOOK OF SHADOWS:  This is a book that contains a witch's
spells, recipes, rituals, etc.    Covens may share a Book of Shadows, everything is written by hand, by initiates.
BESOM / BROOM:   The broom is a tool of magick, used to
"sweep away" negative energies.  Your magickal broom should never touch the floor, for sweeping purposes.  It is usually made of ash, birch or willow.
CANDLES:  Sometimes used to represent the Goddess (silver) and God (gold).  Also used to represent the elements: North (green), East (yellow), South (red), & West (blue).  These colors may vary according to tradition or personal preference.
Candles are also used for spellwork.
CAULDRON:  The cauldron is used for many different purposes.  Sometimes for cooking, other times for burning herbs or candles, or even for scrying with water.    It is normally a 3 legged vessel, made of iron and comes in a variety of sizes.
CENSOR:  The censor is an incense burner.  It is anything from a
ceramic to brass and on chains.  Incense is sometimes used to help with the mood of meditation or ritual, and in spellwork.
CHALICE/CUP:  The chalice is used in rituals and should never be used for everyday use.    This is sometimes, glass and many time, silver.
There are many different types of chalices, from very plain to extremely ornate and expensive.
CRYSTAL BALL:  The crystal ball is used for divination and/or a source of power and energy.
CRYSTALS:   Used to help gain power and intuition.
DISHES/BOWLS:  Used for ritual use, holding water and salt.
PENTACLE:  The pentacle is used to consecrate tools/items such as amulets and charms.  It is the traditional symbol of protection.  The pentacle can be made of metal, wood, glass,etc.  It is most powerful when made by the person using it.
SCRYING MIRROR:  Used for divination.
STAFF:  Sometimes used like a wand.  Most witchs use it as a
walking stick.
SWORD:   Used by some witchs and traditions, during rituals as a symbolic item.
WAND:   The wand is sometimes used in place of the athame' for casting a circle.  It is usually made of willow, elder, oak, hazel or fruit trees.  The length varies for personal preferences.  If you make your own wand,  try first to find a stick on the ground.  If you want to take
a limb from a tree, remember to first ask the tree and then, leave an offering, while thanking it for it's sacrifice.  You may decorate it, however you like.

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