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Beaver County Ghost Hunters
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Standards and Protocols

These Standards & Protocols for Field Investigations are followed by the Beaver County Ghost Hunters as well as our home group, MAJDA.
The International Ghost Hunters Society has developed this list as a
guideline to ensure professionalism by all members.

1.  Ask the spirits of the dead for their permission to take their photos.
2.  No smoking tobacco products during an investigation,.
3.  No alcohol before, during or after an investigation if remaining on site.
4.  No Ouija boards or seances during or after an investigation if remaining on site.
5.  Always conduct your investigations in a professional manner.
6.  Respect posted property, ask permission and do not trespass.
7.  Do not take photos during adverse weather conditions.
8.  Adverse weather conditions are: rain, mist, fog, snow, windy/dusty conditions.
9.  Do not take photos from moving vehicles on dusty roads.
10. Do not take photos while walking on dusty roads.
11. Remove all dust, spots, & fingerprints from camera lens.
12. Remove or wear the camera strap so it does not hang loose.
13. Avoid shooting into the sun for resulting lens flare.
14. Avoid shooting with flash at reflective or shiny surfaces.
15. Keep fingers away from lens of the camera.
16. Keep long hair away from lens of the camera.
17. Avoid shooting when foreign objects are floating near the camera.
18. No running or horse play in cemetaries or historical sites.
19. Show reverence and respect in cemetaries, battlefields, etc.
20. Always use fresh audio tapes for EVP recordings.
21. Compare anomalous prints with negatives for confirmation.
22. Flash is only good for 9-12 feet away from the camera so focus on that range.
23. Positive mental attitude is very important for all investigations.
24. Skeptical minds will generate negative energy during an investigation.
25. Follow the lunar cycles for conducting investigations for best results.

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