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Beaver County Ghost Hunters


Our group is rapidly growing and we have some great photos, from a few new members.   Please feel free to send us photos or contact information of any active areas.   We are also able to rid your home or residence, of unwanted spirit activity.
Please check out our new website with updates of our activities, including the Paranormal & Spirituality Conference, 2005.
also, our new shop site:

Orb in Tree
Christmas Visitor for the baby's 1st Christmas

The following photos were taken with a video camera, during a seance, by one of our newest members.   We are quite excited and would love some feedback on what this particular type of entity would be considered.

Sam's pic 1
During seance

Sam's pic 2

Sam's pic 3

Sam's pic 4

Sam's pic 5

We love the Prospect Place Mansion in Dresden, Ohio.      We  have had different experiences each trip and each is just as exciting as the first time.  I personally had spirit contact with about 7 or 8 spirits.  2 of them were very prominent and I'll be writing the experiences, within a few days.   There are NO DEMONS or anything evil, at this mansion.
The spirits do wish to communicate and I encourage it.  What a wonderful experience!  I know, I can't wait to return.

Prospect Place Mansion
Orbs in the basement

Boy ghost in Ballroom at Prospect Place Mansion
Photo was sent to us, from Randy M.


Car wash near Pittsburgh
Orb in workroom

Local bar/restaurant
Orbs at drag show

Link to us

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
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Butler Organization for Research of the Unexplaine
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