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Loose tea, tea bags, tea balls, sweetener

Psychic tea - our own blend
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Yerba Mate
Tea Balls - $3.00 each

Yerba Mate' Tea
Yerba Mate' is a member of the holly family.  It is grown in
northern Argentina by sustainable harvesting methods; no trees are cut down.  Mate' as it is known, is milled in traditional proportions, for optimum flavor & benefits:
     77% leaf  -  15% twig  - 8% powder
On an average, 1# will last 1 month, depending on the taste you prefer.  Mate' has an authorative, earthy, green tea taste.
*Strengthens immune system         *Increases libido
*Rejuvenating                                *Reduces fatigue
*Reduces blood pressure                 *Breaks down fat
*Balances sleep patterns                 *Delivers oxygen to the
*Increases focus, creativity,              heart & lungs during
strength, energy &endurance           exercise
Recent research shows that Mate' reduces cholesterol, contains antioxidants, 15 amino acids, 24 vitamins & minerals, & acts as a general body tonic.
Place 2-3 Tablespoons in a cup or tea ball.  Add hot water*
and sweetener if desired.  Do not steep, drink immediately.
You may also keep adding water and using the same herbs
until the flavor disappears.
*Add hot, never boiling water.   Boiled water breaks down the molecular structure of the tea and kills the vital nutrients.