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SAMHAIN    - October 31st or November 1st
Also known as All Hallow's Eve or Halloween
Third harvest of the year, death of the Sun, end of the Celtic Year,
beginning of the Witche's Year.
YULE  - December 21st
Also called Midwinter
Rebirth of the Sun
IMBOLC - February 1st or 2nd
Also called Imbolg, Lady Day
First Stirrings of Spring
OSTARA  - March 20th or 21st   
Also called Spring Equinox
Signifys Spring's Beginning   
BELTANE  - April 30th or May 1st
Also called Beltaine, May Day
Represents the joining of the Goddess and God
MIDSUMMER   - June 21st
Also called Summer Solstice or Litha
Time of the Sun's strength
LUGHNASADH  - July 31st or August 1st
Also called Lammas, Harvest Home
First harvest, decline of the Sun
MABON  - September 23rd
Also called Vernal Equinox or Autumnal Equinox
Second Harvest-Witch's Thanksgiving



The Sabbats signify the Turning of the Wheel, of the year.

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